Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011: Question O

Throughout the past three weeks, we have learned about many different forms of prejudice and how it is influenced and even perpetuated by power and privilege. In a fight for socio-cultural equality for everybody, it takes more than just talking about it and educating yourself and others about the many different issues of discrimination. After learning more about many of the different ‘isms’ we face today, I always found myself responding in my blogs saying, ‘I think this needs to be discussed more so people are more aware of it.’ Although I did find myself talking about it with friends, their responses weren’t out of the ordinary. Usually among the lines of, ‘yeah, I know, that is so unfair.’ But what does that do? Nothing. So what then? What can we do?

Any type of change takes time and the efforts of all. Even though I can’t force a change of attitude among a person, I can use my own life to reason to him or her why the world should be a better place, free of prejudice, discrimination, and power and privilege too. I think by changing your own attitude, its easy to have an influence on the attitudes of others, isn’t that how trends are started to begin with? I think we should all make the effort to start a new trend, a trend free of discrimination and constructed of equality among all people. In her video, ‘How Does Change Happen?’, Angela Davis talks about how the pattern of racism was altered as more and more people discussed how it shouldn’t be that way. The more you talk abou how the pattern should be changed, the more people start to notice and think about it. I think we should all work towards setting a new trend of equality and privilege for all members of an ever-changing socio-cultural world.

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